How many pounds I need to be to have normal weight?

According to Chad Patton, assistant professor at the University of Wisconsin participating in research, he and his colleagues had observed that skeletal muscle of obese individuals contain a certain type of enzyme that breaks down saturated fats and simple investigated why.

To study the activity of the enzyme, genetically modified a group of mice so that the total muscle tissue to produce this enzyme. The result Cruise Control Diet has been to give a group of mice with an increased metabolic rate, with greater energy expenditure and increased exercise capacity by James Ward. While normal mice withstood more than 10 minutes of exercise the examined mutant could work out running up to 70 minutes!

The "miracle" is the SCD1 enzyme that converts saturated fat and monounsaturated thus becomes easier to manage. This enzyme is produced in the liver in response to dietary fat derived (depending on its composition) and in adipose tissue continuously as a mechanism of self-regulation. Unlike skeletal muscle, produces this enzyme after intense exercise.

Moreover, the tested mice was greater amount of linoleic acid results in increased food intake. Further, however, the researchers suggested the mechanism of cell response to the increased presence of linoleic to create more mitochondria consume the available energy.

The case the course does not result in a proposal genetic modification of the human diet, but supported by specific supplements that would help in the expression of specific mechanism that exists in our DNA.